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KTM FREERIDE E-XC reprezentuje najnowszą generację motocykli elektrycznych KTM. Jest wyposażony w bezszczotkowy silnik synchroniczny o mocy 18 kW, który umieszczono w nowoczesnym podwoziu FREERIDE z zawieszeniem WP XPLOR z przodu i z tyłu. Jest przez to niesamowicie zwinny, a przy tym łączy wysoką dynamikę z ogromną dzielnością w terenie. KTM FREERIDE E-XC to prawdziwie wszechstronna maszyna, która gwarantuje czystą zabawę w każdym terenie.


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Street legal

Sporty lightweight construction

Slender bodywork

Revolutionary vehicle concept

Powerful drive package

  • Street legal

    The FREERIDE E-XC is suitable for road use. It has all the necessary components for riding to the baker, the local forest or to work. Lights, indicators, mirrors, ignition lock and immobiliser number among the additional features that mean absolute freedom. It has continuous output of 11 kW and meets the weight requirement for homologation at 110 kilograms (including all parts required for homologation), making it suitable for A1 driving licences and hence for use by 16-year-old motorcycle novices in road traffic. więcej

  • Frame and subframe

    The proven, extremely lightweight, FREERIDE composite frame design has been refined for FREERIDE E models and adapted to the compact electric power unit. Compared with fuel-burning versions, the frame on E-models is designed to be open at the bottom. The motor therefore acts as a load-bearing element with additional support from a solid aluminum base plate. This guarantees optimum stiffness and ultimate safety, even on bigger jumps. The inherently stable plastic subframe has integrated grip recesses that provide an effective hold should the rear wheel ever become stuck in the mud. The lightweight, cast-aluminum swingarm has been designed to support the suspension system comprising frame and springs with targeted flexibility in the direction of oscillation. więcej

  • Suspension

    In conjunction with high quality, CNC-machined triple clamps, the 43-mm WP upside-down fork with 250 mm of suspension travel delivers superb stability, excellent responsiveness and outstanding damping. The fork's sporty settings harmonise perfectly with the PDS shock absorber from WP, in which a progressive spring provides for great protection from bottoming out. Rebound and compression damping (high and low-speed) are adjustable. więcej

  • Bodywork and styling

    The bodywork on the FREERIDE E is designed for practical ergonomics and offers unrestricted freedom of movement due to the extremely slender seat and spoiler line with excellent contact points between rider and machine. The modern graphics are mostly in-mould, i.e. integrated into the plastic – a modern, extremely robust and lightweight solution. więcej

  • Wheels and brakes

    The high-end GIANT alloy wheels on FREERIDE E models, with CNC-machined hubs and ultra-light aluminum spoke nipples, are fitted with tyres from Maxxis: a TrialMaxx (2.75-21) up front and a MaxxEnduro (120/90-18) at the rear, both characterised by excellent grip and great traction. The FREERIDE E-XC is also equipped with the Formula brake system, featuring lightweight wave brake discs and radially bolted, sandblasted brake callipers with four pistons at the front and two at the rear. więcej

  • Everything to hand

    The brake system's levers are placed at the left and right of the handlebar. At last, there's no need to grope for the brakes with your feet when preparing to drift. So that you always have the bike securely under control. więcej

  • Speedo

    The FREERIDE E-XC is equipped with a digital speedo from TRAIL TECH, which excels with numerous functions, easy operability and integrated indicator lights.

  • Seat

    The long, slender seat allows unrestricted freedom of movement. The seat on the FREERIDE E-XC offers minimally higher padding at the rear and therefore greater riding comfort. It can be tipped up quite easily with an integrated release mechanism, to gain access to the KTM PowerPack. Thanks to a moderate seat height of only slightly over 900 mm, good contact with the ground and therefore high riding safety are always guaranteed, even in tough terrain. więcej

  • Made in Austria

    With the FREERIDE E, KTM is setting new standards in terms of response, traction, performance and handling of a motorcycle. From the bottom up, the FREERIDE E is a development "made in Austria", because an electric bike is subject to the same requirements in terms of performance, robustness and quality as all other motorcycles that leave the factory buildings in Mattighofen. więcej

  • New stimulus

    KTM endeavours to create fresh stimuli in the offroad segment. For this reason, KTM has developed an electrically driven, emission-free offroad bike with a KTM PowerPack that's quickly replaced. This motor concept for the KTM FREERIDE E opens up completely new fields of use in urban and suburban areas and generates greater acceptance of offroad sport. Offroad riding has never been easier! więcej

  • Electric motor

    The FREERIDE E-XC is suitable for road use. It has all the necessary components for riding to the baker, the local forest or to work. Lights, indicators, mirrors, ignition lock and immobiliser number among the additional features that mean absolute freedom. With peak power at 18 kW, a continuous rated power output of 9 kW and weighing in at 110 kg, it complies with the restrictions of the A1 driving license and may therefore be used by 16-year-old beginners. więcej

  • No gearbox

    The right gear is always engaged. Because the high-torque electric motor allows a fixed transmission ratio to be used. Hence, there's no need for a clutch to get going. Especially for novices, this means a radical simplification - twist the throttle, ride off and have fun. więcej

  • KTM PowerPack

    The new KTM FREERIDE E-XC features a new KTM PowerPack with increased capacity. Rated at 3.9 kWh, the new battery provides 50 % more capacity than the previous version’s 2.6 kWh, which makes it capable of powering the electric bike for up to 1.5 hours of riding fun, depending on the riding style and terrain. More good news? It retains full backward compatibility to the previous electric KTM FREERIDE E models.Easily inserted from above, the removable KTM PowerPack sits on top of the motor, secured by four screws and well protected by the frame tubes. It is easily swapped for a fully charged one by simply flipping up the seat and opening four screws. This can be accomplished in a matter of seconds, even quicker than refueling a bike with a combustion engine.Alternatively, the KTM PowerPack can be fully charged while still mounted in the bike by using the connector beneath the seat. In terms of battery aging, even after 700 charge cycles, the KTM PowerPack will still provide 70 % of its initial capacity. więcej

  • Dust and waterproof

    Both the drive unit, with its electric motor and power electronics, and the battery are completely dust and waterproof. The FREERIDE E is therefore well prepared for the toughest offroad trips.

  • Power electronics and display

    The power electronics convert throttle actuations into controllable yet sporty propulsion. The multi-function instrument located between steering head and seat allows a choice to be made between three different ride modes, each with different power delivery. Economy, Standard and Advanced. więcej

  • Charger

    The external battery charger can be connected to any 230-volt power socket and operated with a minimum fuse rating of 10 or 13 (quick charging) amperes. It can also be connected conveniently to the KTM PowerPack installed in the vehicle. więcej


Electric motor Permanent magnet synchronous motorin a disc armature design
Rated output 11 kW (15 hp) @ 5500 rpm
Max. power 18 kW
Torque 42 Nm
Cooling Liquid cooled
Traction battery Lithium-ion KTM PowerPack (easily removed)
Rated voltage 260 V
Transmission Single speed transmission
Primary drive 1:2.4
Secondary gear ratio 11:48
Frame design Perimeter steel-aluminium composite frame
Front suspension WP upside-down Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension WP PDS shock absorber
Suspension travel (front) 250 mm
Suspension travel (rear) 260 mm
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Front brake disc diameter 260 mm
Rear brake disc diameter 230 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4"
Steering head angle 67 °
Wheelbase 1418 ± 10 mm
Ground clearance 320 mm
Seat height 910 mm
Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel) 108 kg


  • Najnowocześniejszy silnik elektryczny o mocy maksymalnej 18 kW
  • Szybko wymienny KTM PowerPack o pojemności 3,9 kWh
  • Regulowany widelec przedni WP XPLOR 43 o skoku 250 mm
  • Regulowany amortyzator tylny WP XPLOR PDS skoku 260 mm
  • Olbrzymie koła 21″/18″ z obręczami z anodowanego aluminium
  •  Hamulce FORMULA, które zapewniają lepsze czucie i osiągi

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1000 ZŁ
10 miesięcy
zł wkład własny
Wyliczenia nie stanowią oferty handlowej. Maksymalna kwota kredytu wynosi 50.000 zł.
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