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Nowy KTM FREERIDE 250 F — Trial spotyka Enduro. Lekki, łatwy w prowadzeniu i niezwykle zwrotny motocykl będący marzeniem każdego fascynata jazdy w terenie. Najnowocześniejszy 4-suwowy silnik o pojemności 250 cm³, z podwójnym górnym wałkiem rozrządu (DOHC) i wtryskiem paliwa ma zawsze zapas mocy, możesz więc jeździć po największych wertepach z najwyższą pewnością. A jeśli to Ci nie wystarczy, funkcja kontroli trakcji i opcjonalne mapowania silnika sprawiają, że pokonywanie trudnego terenu jest równie proste, jak (dosłownie) przestawienie przełącznika.


36755 zł* 2020

Kontakt ws. modelu Już od

* ze względu na wahania kursowe rzeczywista cena może się różnić


Sporty two-stroke

Slender bodywork

Pioneering vehicle concept

  • 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine

    KTM FREERIDE 250 F gets the latest generation of KTM’s 250 EXC-F powerhouse and complies with Euro 4 emission standards. This new, state-of-the-art 250cc DOHC 4-stroke engine is an ideal power plant ...


    ...for the KTM FREERIDE concept, delivering tractable performance and a nice kick. With 20.5 hp and 18 Nm of peak torque for the homologated version, this nomad can climb the steepest of slopes with ease. The unrestricted version, with 26 hp and 22.1 Nm of torque, will fly up there. In this configuration, it offers an alternative set of characteristics as well as a traction control mode, both of which can be selected with the optional map switch on the handlebar.

  • Clutch

    The KTM FREERIDE 250 F has newly KTM-developed DS clutch (diaphragm steel) with a wear-free steel basket, extremely heat resistant clutch plates and nitrated steel liners. This clever design employs a...


    ... diaphragm spring instead of the usual coil springs, making for considerably easier clutch action. Light operation and telepathic amounts of control come as standard with this hydraulic Formula actuated clutch, featuring in addition a 1mm smaller master cylinder.


    The state-of-the-art Keihin Engine Management System (EMS) with electronic fuel injection features a new 42mm throttle body. Thanks to its unique injector position, the engine’s response gives a whole...


    ... new meaning to the word ‘instantaneous’, while contributing to a low fuel consumption. Separate circuits for cold-starting and idle make on-site adjustments easy. Push the throttle back when the engine is warm and the cold start mode disengages. The EMS itself boasts a faster ECU equipped with different mappings for each gear, selected according to the data received from the gear position sensor.

  • Transmission

    The 6-speed transmission sings perfectly in tune with the power delivery of the 250cc engine and provides a precise and easy shifting action. The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is equipped with the KTM “No Di...


    ...rt” gear shift lever, preventing dirt from blocking the joint. The standard final drive ratio is 14:49, and an extra 12-tooth sprocket supplied in a separate enclosure is easily swapped in for riding in especially rough terrain.


    The cooling system routes coolant from the cylinder head directly to the radiator, which is mounted in a well-protected position behind the front frame tube. The radiator fan is now controlled directl...


    ...y by the EMS, eliminating the need for a separate temperature switch.

  • Exhaust

    When designing this exhaust system, the engineers focused on low noise levels and emissions as well as an outstanding torque delivery for great rideability throughout. The reworked header is routed un...


    ...derneath the engine, protected by the frame and a sturdy bash plate. From there, exhaust gases are directed to the two rear aluminum silencers. Featuring a new anthracite color and a new KTM FREERIDE logo, each of them is equipped with a catalytic converter, effectively reducing both emissions and noise to environmentally friendly levels.

  • Bodywork and graphics

    With in-mold graphics providing a rugged and lightweight solution for the latest design, the new KTM FREERIDE 250 F’s modern and ergonomical new bodywork provides lots of rider mobility with excellent...


    ... contact patches, as well as narrow seat and spoiler lines. Integrating a more efficient front light, the new headlight mask hooks into a newly designed fender. Open handguards are now standard equipment.

  • Seat

    The long, slender seat provides unrestricted freedom of movement and a very good level of seating comfort. Thanks to an integrated release mechanism, it can be tipped up easily to gain access to the f...


    ...uel tank, air filter and electrics. Compared with a competition enduro, the seat height of only 915 millimetres is much more moderate. If you'd like it even lower, you can find a lowered seat (accessory) in the PowerParts range.


    The KTM FREERIDE 250 F features an easy to use dashboard with a new digital speedometer from MAE and numerous features, including integrated warning and indicator lights. For model year 2018, the spee...


    ...dometer cable is well protected in the braided front brake hose tube, which now has an integrated channel. In addition, the bike features now an ignition lock on the right-hand side of the headlight mask next to the speedometer, guaranteeing easy access.

  • Handlebar

    The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is fitted with a tapered Neken handlebar made of high-strength aluminum. It has the same bend as the EXC handlebar and compared to the predecessor it is slightly wider for i...


    ...ncreased leverage. The throttle assembly features a rugged aluminum body with easy free play adjustment, allowing the throttle response to be modified using an alternative throttle cam. The throttle assembly is fitted with a vulcanized grip, while the left side of the handlebar carries a convenient and safe ODI lock-on grip.


    The new KTM FREERIDE 250 F is equipped with lightweight wheels in 21 inches front and 18 inches on the rear, featuring CNC machined hubs and newly designed, high-end aluminum rims by Giant, anodized i...


    ...n black and carrying a FREERIDE logo. These wheels are practically unbeatable in terms of weight, combined with the highest levels of stability.


    The Maxxis Trialmaxx OEM tires have been developed specifically for the KTM FREERIDE range. While delivering plenty of traction, they leave much less of an impression in the ground than conventional E...


    ...nduro competition tires thanks to their high land-to-sea ratio, which means they tear up the tracks less. Their high casings provide appreciably more comfort by supporting the action of the suspension. With their soft, grippy rubber compound, these tires are also great on demanding rocky terrain and when crossing roots.

  • Brakes

    The latest Formula brake system features a radial 4-piston caliper up front and a radial 2-piston caliper in the rear, perfectly matched to their 260 and 210 mm Wave brake discs. New rear brake pads m...


    ...ake for enhanced foot brake control while the new braided front brake hose routes the speedometer cable through an integrated channel for extra protection.

  • Fuel tank

    Thanks to the more compact two-stroke engine compared with the four-stroke model, KTM engineers managed to design the lightweight, polyethylene fuel tank with a 7-litre capacity. It lies well protecte...


    ...d between the upper frame profiles below the seat, which is tipped up for refuelling. Thanks to the transparent plastic, the rider can see the fuel level at a glance.

  • Foot pegs

    By reversing the footpeg brackets, the position of the footpegs can be moved 8 mm to the rear. This lets the rider fine-tune the traction and cornering behavior of the bike: the front position means e...


    ...asier cornering, while the rear position yields increased traction.


    The KTM FREERIDE 250 F uses the brand new WP XPlor 43 fork, a set of 43 mm upside-down fork legs with 250 mm of travel. With outstanding response and damping characteristics, the new WP XPlor 43 has a...


    ...n even more sensitive feel and enhanced protection against bottoming out. A split fork design with springs on both sides, each of the fork legs houses a separate damping function, with the compression on the left side and rebound damping on the right, both easily adjusted with dials on top of the fork. This allows riders to find their dream set-up with speed and precision – key words at KTM.


    At 260 mm of wheel travel, the new WP PDS XPlor shock absorber is a perfect match for the new WP XPlor 43 fork, while saving 430 g of weight over the previous component. The proven and successful PDS ...


    ...rear suspension design (progressive damping system) has become something of a KTM trademark. On the WP PDS XPlor, the progressive damping is achieved by a second damping piston that uses a closed cup towards the end of the stroke, providing increased resistance against bottoming out. This design contributes to optimized progression of the complete rear suspension system, supported by a progressive spring. The suspension is adjustable in compression, rebound, and even offers separate high and low speed compression adjustment. Seat height can be lowered by 25 mm using an optional kit available through the KTM PowerParts program.


Design Silnik 1-cylindrowy, 4-suwowy
Displacement 249.91 cm³
Bore 78 mm
Stroke 52.3 mm
Starter Rozrusznik elektryczny
Transmission 6-biegowa
Clutch Sprzęgło wielotarczowe mokre CSS, układ hydrauliczny
Spalanie 3 l/100 km
EMS Keihin EMS
Frame design Perimeter steel-aluminium composite frame
Front suspension Amortyzator WP typu upside-down, Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension Amortyzator Xplor PDS WP
Suspension travel (front) 250 mm
Suspension travel (rear) 260 mm
Front brake Hamulec tarczowy
Rear brake Hamulec tarczowy
Front brake disc diameter 260 mm
Rear brake disc diameter 220 mm
Steering head angle 67 °
Ground clearance 325 mm
Seat height 915 mm
Tank capacity (approx.) 5.5 l
Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel) 98.5 kg

Oblicz ratę za motocykl

1000 ZŁ
10 miesięcy
zł wkład własny
Wyliczenia nie stanowią oferty handlowej. Maksymalna kwota kredytu wynosi 50.000 zł.
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